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Look, Friends! The new year has arrived and we all have taken our own new year resolutions but the things we do every day and the habits we have, those also need to improve now and bring all those things to your routine, this is also important. So today I am going to tell you about 10 things which you should do every day in 2018 and trust me guys, all these points that I will tell you I am doing all those every day or I am trying very hard to do these for a long time.

If you also include all these things in your life, in the end, your life will get better and you will get better.So without any further delay, let's get to start it.


The first point is that you have to drink a lot of water no matter how busy you are. You have to drink at least 8 glasses of water or you can drink the water according to your body as much as your body needs and I'm proud of my habit that I can not remember anything but always remember drinking water.Drinking water has become my necessity and you should also try to get water every day as much as you need for your body.Drinking water will make your skin more glowing and you will have fewer problems with your skin.This leads to weight loss and all the toxins that are present in our body are released.It also helps in our digestion.So it is very important to drink water every day.


If you are not organized in your life then your life cannot be better. Since I've started to be organized since then my life has become so easy that I can not even tell you guys.I started taking less stress in my life now.I don't have to search my things so that productivity increases and I'm focusing more on my goals.Make your bed as soon as you wake up in the morning.Keep your room clean.Keep all your stuff well and organized.Set your goals.Get a planner and write down all the things.This will make your life so easy and your life will not remain messy at all and you will feel the same yourself plus you will save time and money too.


The more you need to be productive, the more important It is to sleep better. Nowadays, we are so busy that we forget to sleep properly and due to not sleeping properly we get dark circles under our eyes and other health problems too.So, getting enough sleep is very important for us.Due to not sleeping properly, we may have health problems.Stress is reduced due to sleep properly.We do not get tired in the middle of the day and we feel energetic all day.So do not be too busy and take care of your health.Get enough sleep.


This is a work that I have started doing since last year and I started making my daily to-do list.Since then my life has been very improvised.I do not put my things on tomorrow and I have started to be quite organized.Every day I make a to-do list and whatever is written in it, I complete one by one.After completing every goal I feel so good and in this way, I can easily accomplish small goals.So what are you waiting for?Take a pen, make a daily to-do list and accomplish your goals every day and be organized.


Learn new things every day, even it is small.With this, you will be able to know your creativity well and your learning capacity will increase.I also learn a thing every day whether it is small or a big one.For example, If I don't know how to apply eyeliner and I want to be perfect in applying eyeliner, then I will apply eyeliner on my eyes every day, no matter what it takes.This is just a small example.In the same way, you can learn what you want, you just have to work on it and keep trying until you learn that thing completely.

That's it guys I hope you will like this post.Do let me know in the comment section that What are the things you think we should do every day in 2018? I will love reading your comments.I will meet you in my next blog post.Till then stay healthy, be happy and take care of yourself.

Love You, Good Bye!!

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