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In today's blog post I will be talking about the "BLUE HEAVEN ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION COMPRESSED POWDER.I recently purchased this compact from online and I am loving it.So, I thought of sharing my experience about this Blue Heaven compact with you.So here I am, I will be given the review and swatch of this Blue Heaven Ultra High Definition Compressed Powder, Ufff.....ffff.😐.It is really a big name.

You all know that Blue Heaven is a local Indian brand which sells the products at the very affordable price and you can find these products easily in your nearby local stores.Recently Blue Heaven launched a few good products.It is one of them.I will tell you in detail from its packaging to its application and texture.

I also uploaded a video of this review on my Youtube channel.If You want to watch it then click here.


So, let's explore this product.

Blue Heaven UHD compact is a compressed powder which gives a high definition effect to the face.It gives the matte look to the face and absorbs all excess oil from the face.


Blue Heaven UHD compact comes in a cute pink cardboard packing.Compact has an innovating slide opening with a high-quality mirror at the bottom.It looks luxurious.I am so impressed with the packaging.Nowadays, Blue Heaven doing a great job when it comes to packaging.This compact looks like a high-end product.It comes with a sponge which is not so good but the compact is good.


₹125/-, which is extremely affordable.(You can get discount online)

9gm (quite a good quantity)


This is available in four shades:-
 01 Ivory
 02 Marvel
 03 Pearl
 04 Natural


Talc, Zinc Stearate, Dimethicone, Mica, Polymethyl, Methacrylate, Perfume and Colours.


Use before 3 years from manufactured.


Blue Heaven UHD compact gives a soft focus, high definition effect with the help of oil absorbing polymer that leads to a matte look on your face throughout the day.It contains a special polymer that helps in even application and glide of the puff.The finely ground pigments and powders give you a radiant non-patchy glowing look.


When I apply this compact every time, my skin feels really soft.It is very light and gentle on your skin.I applied this compressed powder on my face with a powder brush.Because whenever I applied this powder on my face with the sponge which came with this compact, my face looks white and uneven.The sponge absorbs more product than the powder brush so with the sponge product spreads unevenly on the face.That's why I found this sponge useless.I recommend you to use this compact with a powder brush, not the sponge.

One thing I liked about this compact most is that It absorbs all excess oil from your face and your face doesn't look oily at all.This gives the matte finish to your face and It does stay on your face for 5 to 6 hours which is really good.


It does last long for maximum 5-6hrs.


-Innovative packaging
-Super affordable
-Gives a high definition effect
-Very light on the skin
-Easy to use
-Mild fragrance
-Gives a matte finish to the face
-Feels soft on the skin
-Good for oily & combination skin
-Does not look chalky


-Not for the extremely dry skin.
-There are only four shades in it.
-The sponge is useless. 

That was all about this product. Overall I really liked this product.I recommend you to try this at least once because its staying power is so good.For oily skin people, this is the best and affordable too.Do let me know in the comments that if you used it then how much you liked this product.I will see you in my next blog post.

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