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As you all know, LAKME is a most trusted brand.I don't need to tell you a lot about this brand.You would have used the products from this brand.My first foundation and compact were also from this brand.So today, I am going to review a product of Lakme in detail which is this LAKME INVISIBLE FINISH FOUNDATION.This is a great product at a very affordable range.


This is a heavy transparent glass bottle with a brown colour cap.The glass looks like high quality.Although, It is not a travel-friendly product because of its bulkiness.Upper lid comes with a spatula applicator which is good for foundation application.I don't have to use my fingers because I can directly apply the foundation with the spatula on my face and neck.

But at the same time, the cap gets all messy like the picture I have shown you. This does not come with any extra like cardboard packaging. All the details such as price, manufacturing date, etc. are mentioned on the bottle. At the bottom, the shade number is given.So that's all about the packaging.


Rs.250/-(on the affordable side)


25ml (quite a good amount)


It comes in total 4 shades which have no names only numbers. The range of shades is limited. 

(1) 01
(2) 02
(3) 04
(4) 05


SPF 8 which is not enough. They should have provided more.


Magnesium Sulphate, Laureth 4, Cyclomethicone.


Use before 24 months from manufactured.


You can find this foundation easily in your nearby beauty stores and If you want any discount then check it out online. It is easily available on online websites as well. It is available almost everywhere which is a great thing.


Invisible finish foundation offers perfect blending and full coverage for a flawless almost invisible finish. It is water based and has SPF 8 for the sun protection. It claims that the shades specially created for Indian skin tones. At last, they mention a quote which says "FEEL IT SAY IT" which I think is really cute.


I have the foundation in shade 02 which is suitable for medium to fair skin tones.It quite matches my skin tone. When I apply the foundation on my face & neck, I always use a brush because this way I find less messy.It is water based so you can easily apply with your fingers and blend as well.It has a strong chemical smell which I don't like at all but it fades away after some time.I have combination skin and this Lakme foundation gives the matte finish on my face. So I do not need any powder to set this foundation.

It glides on easily and feels light on the skin.This almost gives an invisible finish which is a great thing.But It claims that It is full coverage full coverage which is totally wrong.Although coverage is buildable. It has SPF 8 So I can skip the sunscreen.Shades are specially designed for Indian skin types which is true.But the range of shades is limited.It does not feel patchy at all.It stays 4 to 5 hrs maximum on my skin for an everyday look. Overall It is a great affordable foundation.


(1) Apply the foundation all over your face and neck with your fingers in small dots manner or you can use spatula then directly apply on your face. Do not forget yours under the eye area.

(2) Take a foundation brush, blender or you can use the fingers and blend very well.

(3) After blending, If you have oily skin apply compact or pressed powder to set the foundation. Dry skin people can skip this step. Normal or combination people can set their T-zone area or whatever you want, you are free to do anything.


(1) Gives the invisible finish
(2) Comes with a spatula applicator
(3) Good for everyday
(4) Especially created for Indian skin tones
(5) Medium to fair coverage
(6) Best for beginners
(7) Budget-friendly
(8) Blends easily
(9) Doesn't look patchy
(10) Comes with SPF
(11) Very light on the skin


(1) The fragrance is very strong
(2) The lid gets messy sometimes.
(3) Limited shades.
(4) Not a full coverage foundation.

So guys, overall I like this product because It is affordable, best suited for Indian skin tones and gives the invisible natural finish to the face. Do let me know in the comment section If you have ever used this foundation. Till then I will see in my next blog post.

Goodbye 💓!!

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    1. Thank you so much, I am glad that you found this post helpful.