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I hope you all are doing well. Today in this post I am going to share with you April Month's GlamEgo Box. GlamEgo box is India's No.1 Beauty Subscription box which provides only premium quality products from the luxury brands.This is my second box from GlamEgo. I  have done their February Edition GlamEgo Unboxing also.This time we will be talking about the glamego box which is April edition.They give 4 to 5 different products and all those are of really good quality.The box is also very affordable which retails for only Rs. 399/-.


The box says GlamEgo. Its got the beautiful colours which are like very cute and it is so complimentary to the summer season which is going on right now. It has an ice cream picture on it.This box has a magnetic closure so you can store all your makeup and jewellery in it. I will have to say that they have improved a lot in packaging because I remember that the February GlamEgo Box was only an ordinary cardboard box.

This box is really cute I am so in love with the colours of the box. It comes with a card which contains all the information about the products they have sent me.The card says summer skin care that means in this box you'll get all the products which will protect your skin in this summer. I am gonna start one by one product. 


1 month - Rs.399/- ( 4 to 5 Beauty products ) per box
3 months - Rs.349/- ( 4 to 5 Beauty products ) per box
6 months - Rs.319/- ( 4 to 5 Beauty products ) per box 
12 months - Rs.299/- ( 4 to 5 Beauty products ) per box

BEST OPTION - Only Rs.299/- per box when you opt for 12 months subscription.



(1) My Island Kiss Lip Tint:- This is a lip moisturizer with a lovely tint and SPF 15.
-This product selected for Eminent VOGUE Beauty Awards 2018.
-I have the Flavour - Berry Cheeky Tint
-Retails for Rs.499/-
-Non-toxic and Petroleum free
-The fragrance is very sweet & fruity

  (2) Tjori Anti Tan Pack:- The perfect natural sun defence using age-old formulation wild raw turmeric with natural essential oils.
-Forms a beautiful shield on the skin that reverses the effect of skin-damaging free radicals
-It comes in a powder form
-Removes suntan
-Retails for Rs.525/-

(3) Nelf USA Compact:- Get a perfect glowing and bright finish with aqua lite fairness compact powder with UV
-You can choose the shade as per your skin tone, I picked No.2 (medium).
-Suitable for everyday use.
-With SPF 18 for Sun protection against the darkening.
-Oil-free & lightweight formula 
-Dermatological tested 
-Retails for Rs.350/-

  (4) Vedicline Gold Facial:- A gold gel ayurvedic facial which brightens the face and protects from harmful sun rays.
-Six steps facial
-Comes with six different pouches
-Retails for Rs.350/-
-Enriched with benefits of gold and saffron
-Keeps skin pure and healthy

(5) Summer Treat:- Last product is a summer treat product which is the gift by GlamEgo for the summer season.
-I received the Natural Bath & Body Clarifying Face Mask
-It is a sea clay mask
-Retails for Rs.150/-

That's all I received in this month GlamEgo box. I am so amazed by all of the products and I am sure to use each and every product this time. I highly recommend you to buy this month of GlamEgo box.

GlamEgo Box is the most affordable subscription box out there. Because you are paying just Rs.399/- and you are getting products worth Rs.1800/-.Let me know in the comment section If you bought this box or used any of these products. I will be here soon with my next post till then take care.

GoodBye, Peachyfam!

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  1. I agree, that is super cute packaging! I’ve never tried any of these products, but I do like clay masks so I’m sure that’s a good one!