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I have done a few Blue Heaven product reviews on my blog. Personally, I love this brand and these days, Blue Heaven is working on a lot of good products which is very impressive because it is an Indian brand and it is very affordable also. Here in this post, again I am going to do a review of the Blue Heaven product which is newly launched and I have waited for this for a very long time. 

I am talking about the New Blue Heaven Makeup Fixer which has a mist spray on formula. It is enriched with the Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B5. And the most important point is that it is paraben free and very affordable in comparison to other makeup setting sprays available in the market. So without further a due let’s get start it.


Packaging is very similar to the Blue Heaven Primer. The makeup fixer comes in a normal cardboard packaging which is purple and silver in color. All the details, the direction of use, ingredients, price, etc. are mentioned on the cardboard. Inner packaging is also purple in color and made of plastic which is very convenient and the bottle has two capes so If you miss one cap you will also have the second cap, because of this it is a travel-friendly product. Also, this is a launch edition so we get 15% extra product in the bottle.


Rs.300 for 100ml+(15ml free)=150ml


Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Aqua, Alcohol, Fragrance.


Use before 2 years from the manufacturing date.


This Blue Heaven Makeup Fixer is available online and offline both. Online you can get a discount also, check here.


Blue Heaven Makeup-Fixer with the mist spray on formula helps in setting your makeup for a long time and makes it difficult to wipe off with touch or run off with heat or perspiration. This makeup setting spray is paraben free and filled with the goodness of Aloe vera, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B5.


I have been using this for 15 days and I can say that it is the best makeup setting spray among the all affordable setting sprays available in the market. First of all, I really appreciate the fact that being an Indian brand, Blue Heaven is improving a lot in its product qualities. Personally, I love Blue Heaven and now they finally launched a makeup setting spray which is really great. You can use this spray before and after your makeup. 

The nozzle of the makeup fixer is not so harsh on my face. The fragrance of this is kind of alcohol but it fades away after a while. Before trying this I thought that it will be very sticky on my face but this surprised me so much, my face did not feel sticky at all after applying this. This does spray evenly on your face which is a very good thing. But if you apply too much, then this might feel sticky on your face so please keep in mind, always spray enough amount. 

I tested out this for a very long time when I went to Sadar Market. It was so hot and humid on that day, but the makeup stayed on my face for 3 to 4 hours easily which is so amazing. I didn't expect this to be so much effective. The only thing I don’t like about this it has alcohol in it. It is a great product at such an affordable price. You will not find any other makeup setting spray in this price range.


Use it before or after putting makeup. Close your eyes, hold the bottle 20-24 cm away from face and then spray. Wait till it dries for the best result.


This makeup setting spray is suitable for all skin types.


-Environment-friendly packaging
-Very affordable
-Quantity provided is very good
-Enriched with Aloe vera, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B5
-Makeup stays maximum 4 to 5 hours
-Does not feel sticky If used in a fair amount


-Contains alcohol
-Can be sticky if used too much
-The fragrance is a little alcoholic


This is a very good makeup fixer at such an affordable price. So, if you are a college going girl or don’t want to spend too much money in makeup setting spray, then this is made for you guys. I will highly recommend you to try this makeup setting spray once in your life because for the price it is worth it. And if you have used it already then please let me know your views about this in the comment section. Until then see you soon in my next blog post, take care.

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  1. Sounds great! Its a shame I can not find it anywhere in the UK.

    1. yes this is an Indian brand but you can find it on amazon.